Buzz Message Build deeper connections with Customers.

Low Cost

No monthly fee. Just one fee time for life


Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Drupal, Wordpress,...


Integrate JiveIM Widget on Multi Domains


Keep your connection with customers real-time

Huge Team

Add Operator without limitation

Offline messages

Keep track Client's Quesitons even offline

Typing Insight

See the visitor typing a message in real time

Chat History

Search unlimited past Conversation

Concurrent Chats

It depends on the ability of Support Team

SSL Encryption

Your conversations are ensured out Internet


Make system automatically

Widget Layout

Maximum customize the customer-facing chat box

Operator Info

Create Trust between Operator and visitors

Sound notifications

Sound alert per compatible action

Chat Transcript

Share Chat Transcript to someone

Visitor Information

Recognize where are visitors from, who are?

Visitor Note

Keep track some thing else about visitor


Notify about whole conversation changes

Visitor Banning

Ban specific IP addresses to avoid spam


Be friendly mother tongue for Widget

Canned Messages

Simple Shortcuts but Speed up your Chats

Chat Rating

Allows visitors to rate their chat experience

Chat Transfer

Transfer the Chat between other Operators

Basic Reports

What happen in your Customer supporting

Proactive messages

Triggers keep your group be proactive


Divide agents into different Departments


Different widget Look and Feel for domains

Mobile App

You are Available every where, every time

Setup JiveIM on CentOS 8 - DigitalOcean